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My favourite Black-owned spots in London are a mixture of food places and also art spots as that has become a recent interest of mine.

Black Cultural Archives – This community space in Brixton is known as the home of Black British Culture. They have informative exhibitions about the Windrush generation as well as other ways Black people came to live in the UK in history and important events that have happened since.

Tafeta – An art gallery which displays the works of modern artists of African descent. They usually have one main exhibition on at a time.

Institute of International Visual Arts (INIVA) – They offer residencies for artists of British born African (and Asian) descent, often with free workshops and talks.

Prince of Peckham – A vibrant Black-owned pub in South London which is fun for everything – brunches, watching football games, weekend DJ events and even hosting your own party.

Peckham Palms– An Afro hair, beauty and wellness space in Peckham which has many talented resident Black hairdressers. They also hosts events and community theatre shows.

Dark Sugars – This incredible chocolate franchise is inspired by the owner’s West African roots and also travels to South America. They also do amazing ice cream!

Uncle John’s Bakery – This family-owned Ghanaian bakery sells iconic baked goods -I think the bread here is the best!

There’s always fun events and pop ups around London to enjoy the culture and other Black-owned businesses.

Two great examples are DLT brunch (whose next event in August celebrates Lewisham, the London borough of culture at Horniman Museum – an incredible museum which always has black exhibitions on) and Black Culture Market where many Black-owned businesses will be on display in Brixton.

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