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Wack 100 Calls Blacc Sam ‘Selfish’ for Demanding Nipsey Hussle Song Be Removed From ‘Drillmatic’ (UPDATE)


Image via Getty/Keipher McKennie

Image via Getty/Keipher McKennie

UPDATED 8/14, 3:57 p.m. ET: Wack 100 is accusing Nipsey Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam of removing the late rapper’s verse from The Game’s newest album during crunch time. Others are calling the claim farfetched.

When the list of collaborators for Game’s project was released, Nipsey’s camp checked the paperwork to ensure that his verse was cleared. Almost immediately after, a cease and desist was sent to Wack. No agreement or paperwork existed, per TMZ. Wack argues that Game is one of the late rapper’s biggest supporters of his legacy. Nip is scheduled to get a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Monday.

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Wack 100 is accusing Blacc Sam of hurting Nipsey Hussle’s legacy.

The music manager made the claim during a recent Clubhouse conversation, where he was pressed about a missing cut from The Game’s Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind. The project’s original tracklist included “World Tours” featuring the late Nipsey; however, Wack says it was removed from the project shortly before it premiered; and it was all because Nipsey’s brother Sam was being “selfish.”

“I got an email from my attorney, at about 7:30, an hour and a half before it dropped. Nipsey’s brother put in a demand for it to be pulled,” said Wack, who manages The Game.

Many fans weren’t surprised by Sam’s alleged demand, as Wack has continued to downplay Nipsey’s impact on the culture, insisting the late artist was not worthy of “legend” status.

Wack suggested his past comments had nothing to do with The Game, and shouldn’t have affected Drillmatic. 

“These n***as be in their feelings,” he continued. “You notice you got Meek Mill and a bunch of people over there Wack really don’t see eye to eye with… Whoever [The Game] work with, he work with. His shit ain’t my shit. The Game done drove around L.A., he’s been the biggest Nipsey supporter ever.”

Wack went on to say that Sam doesn’t understand the industry, and was letting “emotions get in the front of business.” He said there have been many opportunities to release new Nipsey music, but Sam has failed to do so.

“The Game, Nipsey song does nothing but work towards a remembrance of Nipsey,” Wack said. “He’s not here to drop music or promote music, so it’s just remembrance of Nipsey. So at the end of the day, I think where Blacc Sam goes wrong at, he’s being selfish with his anger … probably towards me. But he’s totally disregarding the acknowledgement that Game has given Nipsey since he’s been gone.”

Wack said The Game x Nipsey collaboration would’ve bulked up the late rapper’s catalog, which would’ve increased the royalties Nipsey’s family receives.

“The only way to keep [Nipsey’s] name going is through his music,” Wack said.

You can hear the full Clubhouse chat below.


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