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7 Best Daypacks for 2022


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A quality running daypack is one of the most essential purchases to make for logging longer distances. When you’re out for multiple hours, you need ample water, food, first aid, an extra layer or two, and storage for the essentials. Running packs are thoughtfully designed to carry all of this close enough to your body so you hardly feel the extra weight. As your mileage increases, the last thing you want to think about is running out of food or water, or not having that extra layer you need as the sun drops, and having a quality running pack means you can keep those essentials easily accessible when you need them.

The Best Daypacks

What to Consider

There are hundreds of quality running daypacks on the market. So, how do you select the perfect one for your needs? The most important specifications to consider are what kind of hydration system you prefer, how much water you can carry, and how much gear storage the pack includes. Some packs come with either a water bladder where you drink through a straw, or two soft flasks that are removable. Water bladders are very convenient for drinking on the go, but soft flasks are easier to clean and use for electrolyte mixes.

When considering how much water capacity you need, think about how long you’re planning to run for and at what temperature, and whether or not you plan to carry a water filter. Finally, think about what gear you’ll need to bring. If you run in predictable temperatures, you may not need too much room for extra layers. On the other hand, some daypack have tons of storage available for extra layers, microspikes, and food.

How We Selected

As a dedicated long-distance trail runner, I know how essential a quality running daypack is. I’ve tested most of these products firsthand, and provide my honest feedback regarding the specifications that are most important to consider. For products I haven’t used personally, I leaned heavily on user reviews specifically addressing these specs. Though there are some very cheap daypacks on the market, I only considered products that would feasibly remain comfortable and usable over long distances and for many years to come.

For more great ways to store your stuff safely while you run or hike, check out our picks for the best hydration vests, running belts, and running backpacks.

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Best Gear Storage Capacity

Fastpack 20

Key Specs

Hydration System None included
Liquid Capacity Up to 4 liters
Storage Capacity 23 liters; 6 exterior pockets

Best for Alpine Adventures

Distance 15

Key Specs

Hydration System None included
Liquid Capacity 3 liters (or more)
Storage Capacity 15 liters; 6 exterior pockets

Most Stylish

Active Backpack 14L

Key Specs

Hydration System None included
Liquid Capacity 2 liters (or more)
Storage Capacity 14 liters; 7 exterior pockets

Most Versatile

15-Liter Crossover Pack

Key Specs

Hydration System 1.5 liter bladder included
Liquid Capacity 3.5 liters
Storage Capacity 15 liters; 5 exterior pockets

Best Internal Organization

Flow 16 Protector Backpack

Key Specs

Hydration System None included
Liquid Capacity 3 liters
Storage Capacity 16 liters; six exterior pockets

Best for Long Treks

Rim Runner X 22 Hydration Pack

Key Specs

Hydration System 2 liter bladder
Liquid Capacity 4 liters
Storage Capacity 22 liters, 6 exterior pockets

Most Durable

Daylite 13L Backpack

Key Specs

Hydration System None included
Liquid Capacity 3 liters
Storage Capacity 13 liters; three exterior pockets

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