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The Game Blocks Battle Rapper After Standing Up For Eminem


The Game is always up to some mischief. The Game’s response to Pat Stay’s public challenge on his “Black Slim Shady” song, which criticizes Eminem, has backfired. Game responded by blocking him on Instagram, which was unexpected coming from the usually combative artist.

Pat Stay recently blasted the veteran rapper on Instagram for supposedly pleading for Eminem’s attention by launching the lengthy single in a heated Instagram post. White Pat seems to believe that The Game wanted Eminem to answer, even if he didn’t. Game complained throughout the song.

The following post was followed by a big block from the LA rapper.

I gotta say, as a fan losangelesconfidential its been hard to watch you desperately begging for @eminem attention trying to battle him. Trust me, I respect the hunger, but once you start that whole “he only blew up because he’s white” type sh*t it comes off more haterish than competitive.

But Game, you seem very eager to battle. Specifically a “white boy”. Well why don’t you do a real battle and come see me?? We can do it in LA. Yeah, you’re way bigger than me in the music world, of course. But in the battle world you’re the underdog, by a long shot. We can put whatever up too.

Lots of famous rappers have jumped in the ring to solidify their positions as lyricists and real MC’s. And that seems to be what you’ve been trying to prove.

So bring it. I’m that white boy you need to see first..

(He blocked me so dont bother tagging and msging him anymore lol…he dont want the smoke… tag @50cent instead haha)

According to The Game, the only reason Eminem was successful was because he was white. Pat volunteered to compete against Game in his hometown of Los Angeles with a lot of money on the line in order to prove to Game that white rappers are competitive. Game chose to simply block Pat rather than accept the challenge.

It’s odd considering Game recently stated in an interview with No Jumper that he would never block somebody because doing so would be the equivalent of losing a fan. Pat eventually gave up and asked his followers to stop talking about Game because he didn’t want to spark a conflict with the legendary L.A. player.

Last Friday, Game released his “Drillmatic” album with 31 tracks. However, he was forced to cut one of them—the Nipsey Hussle-assisted “World Tours”—after Atlantic Records learned he and the crew hadn’t received permission to release the song. Check out the post and pictures below.

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