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Portage Park District holds hike through unopened preserve


The Portage Park District held a special guided hike of the Eagle Creek Greenway Preserve in Hiram. Hikers make their way through a field back to the road.

As the sun begins to set Thursday, a crowd is gathering in the grass in a lot just off the highway at the Eagle Creek Greenway preserve.

They’re there to take a guided hike through parts of the 325-acre property in Hiram Township — a rare look at an undeveloped parcel of land owned by the Portage Park District.

These hikes, called “Preserve Peeks,” are a chance for people to get a glimpse of the properties owned by the Park District that are usually closed to the public.

“With the idea that these are public dollars and it is the public’s space, we wanted an opportunity for folks to be able to see those properties, engage with those properties, learn more about them — learn about those resources and why they’re important — and then also have an opportunity … to provide feedback,” said Andrea Metzler, public engagement manager at the park district.


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