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Hydrate through your hike with this heavily discounted CamelBak

Going on a long hike is all fun and games until you start to get exhausted from the heat. The best way to combat this is by staying hydrated, but it can be tough to carry enough water in a normal backpack. That’s where hydration packs come it, which are backpacks designed specifically to help you stay easily hydrated for longer.

CamelBak Arete 18 Hiking Hydration Backpack - 50 oz, Charcoal/Koi

Many people get confused with hydration packs and think that they’re just backpacks full of water with no room for other belongings. But that’s not the case! With these backpacks, you can still carry all of your normal gear, and there’s a designated spot designed to hold a water reservoir. In this case with the CamelBak Arete 18, that’s a 50-ounce reservoir.

This is enough carrying capacity to ensure that you’ll stay hydrated for longer periods of time, but not too much to where the water weight will drag you down. The bag is made using sustainable materials that are also ultra-lightweight to further reduce the chance that you’re weighed down by the bag itself.

These packs have built-in hydration tubes that enable you to stay hydrated while you’re walking and wearing the backpack. It’s like a big, flexible straw that goes from the reservoir to your mouth, and the Arete 18 is designed to make it easily accessible on the go.

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