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An Island Guide to K. Dhiffushi – Hotelier Maldives


A 40-minute speedboat ride away from the bustling city Male’, lies the small yet quaint residential island K. Dhiffushi that makes the perfect getaway spot for both locals and tourists to enjoy and experience a slice of paradise. Known and loved for its stunning topography with tall palm trees and white sandy shorelines, Dhiffushi was the first non- resort island to host tourists when the Maldivian government opened up inhabited islands for tourism over a decade ago.

Only one-meter long and two hundred meters wide, the tiny island of Dhiffushi is the most eastern inhabited island of the Maldives. Therefore, it is the first to greet the sunrise in the country. It is home to approximately thousand people and the island spoils its guests with twenty-five guesthouses and hotel options to pick and choose from.

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Sky Beach Hotel Pool, K. Dhiffushi

The island is thirty-seven kilometers away from the capital Malé, which is about forty minutes away from the city if you are traveling on a speedboat, and approximately three hours away if you wish to travel on the local ferry. The speed boat will cost you about $20 to $30, while the public ferry rounds up to nearly $2, and the guesthouses usually arrange the transfer as per the guests’ convenience.

There are four picturesque beaches in total on the island and three of them are bikini beaches that tourists can enjoy. However, it is still strongly advised to dress conservatively whilst you are in town as the Maldives is a Muslim nation.

On the island you will find a school, a mosque, one ATM machine, a number of souvenir shops, and a few trendy cafes and restaurants that also offer some international cuisine alongside local dishes. ‘The Kettle’ located near the Sky Beach Hotel is a café that particularly stands out for its contemporary and chic interiors, and pristine location overlooking the beach.

Dhiffushi Souvenir, Souvenir Shop

You will also find 4 big supermarkets on the island in addition to some smaller grocery shops. The supermarket called ‘The Whim’ is a grocery and lifestyle shop that is a great choice to be on the lookout for, as it sells everything from snacks and confectionery items, to health and beauty products, and even souvenirs.

The island renders an abundance of activities for guests to partake in such as dolphin sunset cruises, kite surfing, jet skiing, diving, night fishing and many more. Guests can also add island hopping into their itinerary by taking a day trip to nearby islands such as K. Thulusdhoo or the Meeru Island Resort.

K. Dhiffushi Southside Beach

There are three diving centers on the island as well as a few water sports centers with prices that range from about $30 to $50, depending on the activity. While the surf breaks in Dhiffushi may not be able to compete with its neighboring island Thulusdhoo, ocean lovers can still enjoy a myriad of water sports when on the island.

Watersports Center at K. Dhiffushi

There are about six sandbanks off the coast of Dhiffushi and it offers some of the best snorkeling and diving sites in the Maldives with one of the largest lagoons and beautiful reefs that are rich with colorful corals and other marine flora and fauna. Destination events such as weddings or parties can also be arranged upon request on the isolated sandbanks for about $1000, and the secluded strips of pure white sand surrounded by crystal clear waters easily make the most ideal spot to celebrate any special milestone.

K. Dhiffushi Eastside Beach

The best time to visit the Maldives is usually sometime between November to April which is during the dry season, however, it is a little less expensive to travel during the off-peak season if you can handle the sporadic rainfalls.


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