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Mary J. Blige Turns 52 With 🔥 Legs & Abs In A Teeny Minidress In New Pics


mary j blige birthday celebration abs legs cut out sequined dress photo

Mary J. Blige Celebrates 52 With Epic Abs In PicsJohnny Nunez – Getty Images

  • Mary J. Blige celebrated a big birthday this month, and she threw an epic party to celebrate.

  • In photos from the event, Mary donned a deep-V, cut-out minidress that showed off her strong legs and core.

  • The singer aims to exercise with her trainer at least four times a week.

Mary J. Blige just turned 52, and she didn’t hold back for the big occasion. The singer-songwriter modeled an epic minidress for her big night, and she was clearly feeling herself (as she should).

Mary casually dropped photos from the event on Instagram, and there are a slew of shots of her looking all kinds of strong and fierce. First, there are various photos of Mary in the crystal-emblazoned, deep-V minidress, showing off her seriously toned legs and abs. This is followed by a picture of Mary in a hot pink mini with a matching crystal-covered bra top, and accessorized with miles of strong legs.

“WOW!!! What a night!!! It’s nothing like partying with people you really LOVE and who LOVES you back!!!” she wrote in the caption. “That energy was crazy and unmatched!!! Thank you to everyone for all the birthday LOVE!!! I’m so overjoyed and still recovering from Saturday!!! #CapricornSeason.”

People cheered her on in the comments. “Whoa🔥🔥🔥,” said Method Man, while Lala Anthony commented, “u looked gorgeous❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Here’s another peek at her birthday look:

mary j blige birthday celebration

Mary J. Blige at her 52nd birthday party.Johnny Nunez – Getty Images

Mary works hard on her physical health, and she previously told Health that she’s big on lifting weights. “I like to look a certain way. So I have to do what I have to do,” she said. “I do a lot of weights—heavy lifting. It keeps everything firm.”

Mary also told SELF that she aims to exercise four times a week with a trainer.It’s full body,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll tell them, okay, well, let’s concentrate on the legs, well let’s concentrate on the arms, or let’s go hard on the abs.” But she also makes sure to have cardio in the mix. “I mean, you have to train like an athlete,” she said. “This is the game.”

Naturally, she goes all in during performances, too, which requires some serious cardio endurance. Example A:

On the food front, Mary shared with Health that she goes big on protein and veggies. “I eat a lot of protein,” she said. “I drink a green juice every day. I’ve been a vegetable eater since I was a kid.”

Happy birthday, Mary J.! Fifty-two looks good on you.

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