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Plan Your Perfect European Holiday To These 23 Destinations In 2023


Travel is love, and adventure is life. If you live by this line then we have amazing news for you. But before that, what are your new year’s plans or resolutions? Is it to try visiting an off-beat location? Or, going on an adventurous trip? Or are you a fan of jungle safaris? Well, whatever it is, you need to make your plans now. After all, this is the best time to make your travel plans for the year. And now for the news, The Guardian has twenty-three beautiful European destinations that you can visit and explore. 

23 European Destinations In 2023

European destinations

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Travelling in Europe is no less than a fairytale. The continent is full of heritage sites, ancient architecture and a history that will leave you awestruck. The cobblestone alleys, city centres, and landscape, everything screams scenic beauty. Well, enough said about Europe’s grandeur. Here are twenty-three places in Europe that you should add to your itinerary according to The Guardian. 

  • Fuseta, Portugal
  • South-east Turkey
  • Kranj, Slovenia  
  • North of England, UK 
  • Spetses, Greece 
  • Imotski Lakes, Croatia 
  • Margate, UK 
  • Ridgeway trail, UK
  • Tuscany, Italy 
  • Hauts-de-France 
  • Affric Highlands, Scotland
  • Liguria, Italy
  • Copenhagen, Denmark 
  • Leipzig, Germany 
  • Skye, Inner Hebrides, Scotland 
  • Málaga, Spain 
  • Austria
  • France 
  • Southern Scotland 
  • Imotski Lakes, Croatia 
  • Canfranc, Huesca, Spain 
  • Dublin, Ireland 
  • Versailles, France
  • Appian Way, Italy 

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Exciting Time To Travel To Europe

These destinations will surely transport you to a different era. Moreover, they have their own speciality that you should know. Like Hauts-de-France is the Gastronomy capital of Europe in 2023. And, Ridgeway trail is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. Also, the Southeast region of Turkey has an unexplored region where you can have an off-beat experience. If you are an art lover, then Málaga in Spain has a new Picasso exhibition which you must visit. 

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Every location listed above has something new to offer. So, why wait? Go ahead and plan your new year travel itinerary in advance. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr (dronepicr & Mia Battaglia)


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