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MATATO hosts Destination Workshop to address tourism industry challenges and formulate innovative solutions – Hotelier Maldives

Maldives Association for Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) successfully held its Destination Workshop at the Champa Central Hotel in Malé. The event brought together key industry players, including local travel agents, stakeholders from resorts, guest houses, hotels, and government representatives, to foster collaborative idea generation and address current challenges faced by the tourism industry.

The workshop commenced with welcoming remarks by MATATO’s President, emphasizing the importance of collective action and the need to harness the collective wisdom of industry experts to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Minister of Tourism Honorable Ibrahim Faisal also attended the workshop and engaged with the participants on the discussions. The Minister expressed gratitude for the active participation and engagement of industry leaders, emphasizing the importance of such collaborative initiatives in steering the tourism sector towards sustainable growth.

Participants were divided into groups, each tasked with brainstorming solutions to specific challenges. The groups engaged in lively discussions, sharing their experiences and perspectives, and generating innovative ideas to overcome industry hurdles.

Following a productive brainstorming session, each group presented their key findings and suggestions to the workshop. The presentations showcased a diverse range of perspectives and highlighted the potential for collaboration between different segments of the industry.

MATATO will compile a comprehensive report summarizing the workshop outcomes, including the challenges identified and the proposed solutions. This report will serve as a valuable resource for the industry, providing actionable insights to guide future strategies and decision-making.

MATATO Destination Workshop was a resounding success, fostering a spirit of collaboration and generating valuable insights to address the challenges and opportunities faced by the Maldivian tourism industry. The workshop demonstrated the power of collective action and the importance of bringing together industry stakeholders to shape a brighter future for tourism in the Maldives.

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